ALBUM – His Grace

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July 2, 2013
ALBUM - His Grace Tommy’s first mini album. The songs in this album tell the story about God’s grace.

ALBUM – His Grace

This is Tommy’s first mini album. All of the songs were composed by Tommy himself and all of them were telling a message about God’s grace (hence the name: His Grace). More than that, it is literally by God’s grace that this album can finally be released. Tommy had so much limitation with time and resources, however he kept pushing on and finally the album is finally released.

If you want to support Tommy’s ministry by purchasing his album, please go to¬† This album is also available in ITunes, Spotify and other major online music retailers.

Track titles:
1. So Irreplaceable
2. Jehova Jireh
3. Big
4. Body of Christ

Huge inspirations from Joel Osteen, Louie Giglio, John Gray and Bishop TD Jakes. Had it not been for the messages that Tommy heard every week, he wouldn’t have had the courage and strength to finally finish and release the album.

Credits go to:
1. God for the strength throughout the journey
2. My wife for the album cover and support
3.  Andrew Suhatam for arranging Big and So Irreplaceable
4. Jeanette Natasha and Fanny Sutantio for backing vocals in Big, Jehova Jireh and So Irreplaceable
5. Michelle Sukiman for the duet in Body of Christ

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