Mass of God’s Grace and Mercy

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February 9, 2012

This mass setting was composed by Tommy Segoro. He get inspired when he was in the car driving from a church meeting. The style of all Tommy’s songs is always centered around bringing people into deep worship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the music and composition of this setting have been kept simple so that people can listen and learn it very quickly.

Tommy Segoro also currently leads the youth mass in Applecross, Perth, Western Australia. This mass setting is very-very suitable for any youth mass. In fact, every song in this setting has been arranged with two specific styles: Gregorian and Contemporary. Therefore, not only the older adults can enjoy it but also the younger ones.

Mass Settings - Mass of God's Grace and Mercy Every song in this setting comes in two versions: Gregorian and Contemporary. This setting is not only suitable for both youth and older adults but most importantly, it is very easy to sing and play along with.

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