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February 14, 2012

All of the songs listed in this website are written and copyrighted by Tommy Segoro. Therefore, any distribution of the song through any medium such as power-point presentation, photocopy of lyrics, etc will require copyright license.

Unless specified as FREE, each song can either be purchased individually (for individual use) or at mass/church level.


With free licensed songs you can download them for free. However, if you intend to use them at your church please let us know by emailing us. We thank you for your cooperation.


When a song is purchased for individual use, no subscription fee incurs. It’s a one time flat fee. The price is listed next to each song.


A song can be used and distributed at church (eg. through power-point presentations or photocopying) level. When this is the case, subscription-based fee incurs.

For mass or church use, on the Shopping Cart page you need to update the quantity based on the number of congregation that attends the church which the song is going to be sung in. The copyright license is valid for 1 year of use which is started from the date of purchase.


You can obviously pirate the songs or download or copy from your  friends without us noticing. However, we ask for your helping hand and generosity. Our ministry has touched a lot of people around the world therefore we hope that you support what we are doing.

Please appreciate the effort and time which our members has put into this ministry. We not only write, compose and arrange the songs, but we also maintain the website, produce musical scores, etc etc. We hope that you understand that all of these need money to maintain.

We believe that whatever sacrifice we give to God will not be returned empty-handed. Instead, God will bless you abundantly with His great love, richness and greatness. Therefore, please keep supporting us. We know that together with you, we can make a difference in our world and make the world a better place.


God bless us all,
Tommy Segoro