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February 9, 2012

Tommy and HIS Grace (THG) is a Catholic/Christian music ministry that is based in Perth, Western Australia. The ministry was found by Tommy Segoro, a Christian who devotes his life to Christ and ministering God in music and church. Tommy is currently working as website developer but also involved heavily in church music ministry. Not only that Tommy is a musician (he plays about 5 different instruments), he also composes and arranges most – if not all – of the songs in his albums.

His vision is to bring message of hope and healing through music. The world – as it is – already contains a lot of hurting, discouraged and bitter people. People do not need more condemning and judging, instead they need to hear about the grace and mercy of God. He believes that through this music ministry, more people can be reached and preached about the greatness, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, all of his songs were written based on this vision. All the messages that are contained within each of his songs are always about the greatness, grace and mercy of the Lord.

In terms of the musical genre, Tommy tries to bring different “flavors” into his songs. You may find that at times that the songs will be in rock, pop, jazz, reggae and other musical styles. We hope that you are all inspired by our music and most importantly, healed, blessed and strengthened.

Please send us your feedback and comments. We would love to hear from you.


God bless,
Tommy Segoro